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Porn has evolved from the airbrushed misogyny of glossy spreads in Playboy and smutty films sold in seedy shops. It is corporate and easily available. Its products today focus less on sex between a man and a woman and increasingly on groups of men beating off on a woman’s face or tearing her anus open with their penises. Porn has evolved to its logical conclusion. It first turned women into sexual commodities and then killed women as human beings. And it has won the culture war.

Hedges, C. 2009 “The Illusion of Love” Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle Nation Books p.86 (via pornographicmeatnightmare)

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NYCC Friday ticket for sale.
I can’t go anymores, someone take it off my hands pls.


♡  this dress makes me feel like a real angel princess 
WIP of tempestpaige 
Working on an alternate version of this with her current haircolor & a darker color scheme. This is pretty bad as far as backgrounds go, but here’s a progress shot ♡Also can anyone give me tips on not losing quality when posting art here :c

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